A responsive, single image, mouse over magnifier with mouse wheel zoom plugin for WordPress

SI Magnifier (SIM) comes in two flavours

available to download via the WP repository directly or login to your WP Dashboard then Plugins → Add New → search for SI Magnifier
available to purchase and download from the link near the bottom of this page

  • find out more about each version
  • view free version screen shots
  • view premium screen shots and demos
  • view WooCommerce support in action
  • purchase and download the premium version
  • access support and contact information

either via the SI Magnifier menu item link above or by clicking here.

Why use SI Magnifier?

There’s a lot of detail on this image … and I can’t read much of it!

However, by mousing over it with a rectangular lens …

… and using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out – all becomes clear.

Sites already using SIM premium

Early days yet but …

Team 113 Club At least one lens example at the bottom of the expanded ‘See Just How Karatbars Can Deliver on ALL Its Promises …‘ concertina link

TV Box Stop Multiple examples used for store product images.