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Since the launch there has only been one breakage – using the Gutenberg Editor to add a lens. A work around for both the Free and Premium versions is to install the “Classic Editor” plugin and use the ‘Classic Editor’ when adding a lens to a post or page. In the Premium version you can…

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So far so good – all seems to still be working with latest WP (5.2.1) and for the premium version latest WooCommerce (3.6.4). Am in the process of adding a pop-up that lets the viewer know that a zoom feature is available on a particular image and adding Block Editor support (both versions).

WP 5.0 news

Things have been a bit busy of late.  I have yet to update either of the plugins with respect to WP 5.o however this site is at the latest (5.0.3) at time of writing as is the WooCommerce demo site (3.5.4). Basically – things are still working as designed – the only obvious issue is…

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Free version bug

A hard coded database table name is resulting in no lens data being passed to the rendering script. This makes the free version front-end ‘inoperative’. This is fixed in version 1.2.

Thank you

Thank you for your Payment. If you made a donation you shall shortly receive an acknowledgment email. If you have purchased SI Magnifier premium you shall shortly receive an email with your Download Code (which is case sensitive) and a link to the download page. Any problems please let me know via the Contact page.

Enabling WooComerce Support

Premium version only By default support is disabled. At least one SIM lens needs to exist before support can be enabled. Use SI Magnifier → Settings and select a lens in the WooCommerce support drop down. Remember to Save …

SIM Status

Current status 12.06.2018 – both versions are LIVE SI Magnifier (free) – available in WP Repository SI Magnifier (premium) – available for purchase and download via this site

Buy SI Magnifier

To purchase SI Magnifier premium please click the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button below. When payment is verified you will receive an email containing a download code and a link to a page where you will be able to download SI Magnifier premium – Please note: emails are not always ‘instantaneous’. A buyer recently received…

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