WP 5.0 news

Things have been a bit busy of late.  I have yet to update either of the plugins with respect to WP 5.o however this site is at the latest (5.0.3) at time of writing as is the WooCommerce demo site (3.5.4).

Basically – things are still working as designed – the only obvious issue is support for the new WP Gutenberg block editor.  The SIM icon does not appear in the editor tool bar as in the classic editor.

Their are at least two ways round this that I know of:

  1. Install the WP plugin called Classic Editor
  2. Disable the Block Editor by adding add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post','__return_false')
    to your active themes functions.php file.  Unless you are using a child theme this will get overwritten when the theme is updated.
I have also had a couple of suggestions and requests for enhancements and extra functionality.  I am also looking to add ‘mobile support’ which will provide an alternative to the default image scaling provided by many mobiles via gestures.
Both free and premium versions will be getting an upgrade – just not at the minute though hopefully within the not too distant future.  The next update of both versions will include upgrades along with full support for latest WP version.
Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in SI Magnifier and provided valued feedback.

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