SI Magnifier – alternate source demo

Premium version only

Rectangle lens

All the images below are identical – spain-sm.jpg (approx. 150KB).

I can only think of a couple of reasons why you may want to use this feature.

(1) A much larger version of the image file exists (spain-lge.jpg approx. 5MB) and I want this to be used as the drawing source for the lens. The displayed image file does not conform to WP custom sized image file name standard so using the true source option will have no effect as demonstrated when you mouse over the image below.

To use the much larger file as the drawing source and thereby increase the amount of detail during magnification an alternate source attribute can be be set. In this case data-sim-src has been configured as this lens’s alternate source attribute name. This attribute is set to spain-lge.jpg

Small alternate source
** The lens may take a tad longer to display as it waits for the drawing source to load.

(2) You want to confuse things …

Small alternate source