SI Magnifier

There are two versions available – Free and Premium. Only one or the other can be installed at any one time. This site uses the premium version.

SIM free

Please install via the WP repository i.e. Plugins → Add New and search for SI Magnifier. This version supports

  • four predefined lenses
  • basic lens configuration
  • configuration preview
  • responsive images
  • mouse wheel zoom
  • multiple lenses and lens types per post/page
  • visual editor button for adding/removing a lens effect to an image
  • usage control via WP role
  • all modern browsers – fall back rendering for IE 10 and below

SIM premium

This version does not include any predefined lenses however, if the Free version was previously installed and the ‘Keep configuration data on uninstall’ setting was checked prior to it’s uninstall then all lenses that existed in the free version will be available in the premium version.

Apart from this, the previous version does everything the free version does plus …

  • supporting WooCommerce single product gallery images
  • is WP Multi-site enabled
  • has additional lens styling options
  • has additional cursor types
  • has no limit imposed on the number of lenses
  • supports use of CSS class names to render lenses
  • supports an admin posts and pages filter based on the existence of one or more lenses in a post or page
  • supports a full size image option – greater clarity when using custom WP image sizes
  • supports auto rendering – lens renders on mouse move if mouse starts off over an image
  • supports lazy loading, transitions and flex-boxes
  • supports usage control via WP capabilities for SIM editors and SIM Users
  • supports custom preview images
  • supports alternative source – if you want to use a second image you can