SI Magnifier – free
Current WP version supported: 5.2.3

SI Magnifier – premium
Current WP version supported: 5.2.3
Current WooCommerce version supported: 3.7.0

For latest news on any issues with SI Magnifier see under SIM Latest in the sidebar. This includes an issue with the Gutenberg block editor.

All software (like it’s author) has a lifetime, it’s not indefinite however I shall do my best to maintain it while there is still a reasonable demand for it.

For both SI Magnifier versions I will endeavour to keep the code up to date in terms of supporting the current WP version, security issues and fixing any ‘generic’ bugs. In such cases updates will be delivered via the usual WP way – Plugin Updates.

SI Magnifier free

The free version comes as is – no individual site support is provided.

Permanently deleted lenses
Deactivating then reactivating SI Magnifier will recreate any missing lenses using their default configurations. A newly recreated lens will have a new (post) ID. Images that used a deleted lens will need the new lens reassigned.

SI Magnifier premium

Supporting 3rd party code is only possible for specific versions. SI Magnifier only supports up to the WooCommerce version stated in version support. I have no control over their code nor am I able to predict how changes to their code will impact SI Magnifier. If SI Magnifier stops working after a WooCommerce update then there is a good chance that SI Magnifier will also need to be updated to work with the new version.

With this in mind I have tried to make WooCommerce support a bit flexible so that if a WooCommerce update uses alternative CSS class names or theme feature names SI Magnifier can handle it without requiring an update by reflecting the changes via Dashboard → SI Magnifier → Settings. If not an update to SI Magnifier is probably required.