Team Builder plugin

A WP plugin that supports OptimizePress theme and OptimizePress Member. Easily build teams that contain Team Coaches and Team Members using a drag & drop UI.

Drag and Drop team builder UI

Team Coaches and their Members need to exist (have a WP user account) before they appear in the UI. A Team Coach or Member is identified via a WP role. You configure which roles are being used in the plugin Settings page.

Settings – role mappings

To date Coach accounts are added manually, member accounts can be added manually or via an ‘auto registration’ process. Automated registration is via a Registration form where a new member is assigned to a coach and a team based upon parameters used in the Registration Page url.

A team

Coaches yet to be assigned to a team can be drag and dropped into the team, un-assigned members can be drag and dropped to a coach.

Team coaches

Team coaches can customise certain features via their user profiles which includes tracking their members activity while logged into the site


Logs of the automated registration process, errors and tracking can be view and zeroed

Dashboard widget

A little widget that summarises ongoing registrations and errors.