Yii Photo Gallery

The site is for a free-lance photographer, was launched in 2013 ‘ish and is still in use. It’s main purpose is act as a portfolio for his work. The site caters for public and private galleries, includes a shopping cart and CMS.

It is completely custom built using Yii (v1) – a PHP MVC framework and required PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript (jQuery) and MySQL skills. The site is managed by the site owner.

The site

CMS Screen shots

User account management, Gallery management, Public & private galleries, Product management, Site configuration, A little content editor, House keeping,

Main Management Screen

User Accounts

User accounts are used for private galleries – their contents can only be viewed by logging in.

Manage Galleries

Public and Private Galleries

Manage Photos

Manage Products

Site Settings

About page content editor

House keeping